ArticlesCognibotics makes the fast even faster

Cognibotics makes the fast even faster

Unveiling the improved HKM

The new version includes hardware and software improvements that will increase the motion performance and robustness of the robot. 

HKM frilagd

Active motion sabilisation

The new Active Motion Stabilization feature compensates for payload variations and deviations via direct motion feedback from the robot wrist to the control system. 

This makes picking of items and articles with varying weights smoother and faster.

stabilzer image

Unlimited tool rotation

With an updated wrist axis design the robot tool flange can now rotate freely without any angular limits.

The result is an improved freedom in tool orientation with a neater and more robust tool assembly.

tool image

Strenghten arm design

The HKM arm design has been updated to increase the torsional rigidity and the robot can now run 30% faster at maximum payload with maintained motion stability and precision.

This allows for greater utilization of the full workspace of the robot and increase the already fast pick rate.

30% faster

Improved cable routing

Cable routing in the HKM robot has been updated to improve installation robustness and mounting flexibility. The new design permits cables to be attached in accordance with installation preferences and increase the protection of the cables. 

This minimizes need for maintenance and maximizes slimness of the installed robot.

improved cable routing image