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Cobot calibration

Unlock your cobots' full potential

Calibration made easy with a robust and automated calibration procedure.

Cognibotics cobot calibration offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use calibration system for Universal Robots CB3 and E-series.


Minimal Downtime

Quick and predictable deployment of offline-generated programs

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Cobot Cloning

Distribute robot programs between cells with minimal adaptations


Sensor Integration

Get the most out of your vision system with an accurate robot


New Applications

Top accuracy in the entire workspace, also in stretched configurations

Restoring factory calibration performance

The calibration needs to be updated after:

  • Joint service involving disassembly/assembly

  • Part exchange e.g. joint, tube, or, output flange

Cognibotics cobot calibration identifies joint offset and tolerance differences in components after assembly in order to restore factory performance.​

The result is a high similarity between robot individuals as well as before and after repair, such that costly robot program adaptions are avoided.


Improved accuracy

Using Cognibotic's accuracy add-on with your cobot includes the compensation of deflections in the robot mechanics.

The result is up to 5x better average absolute accuracy and top accuracy in the entire workspace, also in stretched configurations and under various loads. 

This gives you:

  • Accurate digital twin for offline programming.​

  • Cobot for high accuracy processes and applications.

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Calibration system

Distributor, integrator, or end-user who wants to minimize downtime and secure the time invested in robot programs?

Be flexible and independent with your own calibration system including:


  • Clamping plate with peripherals and control unit

CogniCal Software  

  • Yearly subscription or perpetual license

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Calibration service

Less frequent need for calibration or
interested in trying it first?

Cognibotics cobot calibration is also available as:


  • Get your cobot calibrated by a trained technician at your site.


  • Rent a calibration system to perform cobot calibration by yourself. 


Accuracy Add-on

Want to get the most out of your cobot?

Unlock the full accuracy of your cobot by using a parameter key from Cognibotics calibration with one of our Accuracy add-on options:

Post processing

  • Cloud solution to compensate robot programs

Online processing

  • Software solution to compensate sensor driven positions at runtime

Available as a yearly subscription or as a perpetual license.

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