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The ultra high-performance robot with large workspace

Long reach and high motion performance

The HKM1800 enables new opportunities for robotized material handling in warehouse automation when the distances are longer or include several pick-and-place positions over a large surface.

Built on low-weight, high-performance material and configured to have extremely little mass moving, enabling top performance with a minimum of energy consumption.

HKM1800 Top features


High Speed

Short cycle time, above 2000 picks per hour

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Long Reach

1.8m reach over 360 degrees. Corresponds to 6 EU pallets

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Future proof the range of customer and articles

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Small Footprint

Perfect fit for compact production lines

Why Hybrid Kinematics?

Hybrid kinematics combines the advantages of both serial and parallel kinematics. This enables the lowest moving masses and shortest possible cycle time over large circular work areas.

High speed material handling

The low weight of the robot allows it to move very fast over it’s entire work area including an impressive z-stroke of close to 1 m. It can easily serve multiple machines, taking full advantage of its short cycle time of 1-2 seconds. This makes it ideal for material handling tasks when the distance is far between different work positions.


Designed to optimize warehouse productivity

The HKM is meticulously engineered to optimize coverage while minimizing floor space requirements. This design not only reduces the footprint, allowing for more compact production lines, but also empowers the robot to operate efficiently upstream and downstream of material feeds. Additionally, it enables dynamic tracking of moving objects for seamless processing.


Covers a record number of work station

The large reach of the robot in combination with it’s high speed makes it ideal for pick & place applications. A single robot can cover large areas and support multiple pick & place stations at the same time. The slim design even allows for the robot to enter shelfs and can be mounted on the floor, on the wall or in the ceiling.


Energy efficiency

The HKM is an energy-efficient robot. The robot arm only weighs about 25kg which means that it consumes a minimum of energy when moving. This allows it to accelerate and deaccelerate quickly without large energy losses or generation of heat. This capability makes it unique in the sense that the robots can be used in a collaborative environment and at the same time be very fast. It also reduces energy costs and simplifies installation procedures.

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Powerful and easy-to-use programming

The robot support HTML based programming using open standardized interfaces and languages. This gives you the freedom to program and control the robot equally well from PC as well as tech pendant devices.


Material feeding direct from Pallet

The workspace of HKM1800 covers up to 6 EU pallets or 10 square meters. Equipped with an efficient tool-changing system enables the robot to swiftly switch between different tools, facilitating the handling of diverse materials and products with precision and efficiency.


HKM1800 for intensive kitting operation

Maximize your productivity. The reach and speed of the HKM1800 make it a perfect operator for the most intensive kitting operation.


Hard to complete all tasks due to short reach?

HKM has a 10 m2 workspace, enabling complete kitting & palletizing in one cell.


Increase efficiency at manual presentation stations

The HKM1800 has the reach and speed to manage multiple manual presentation stations. Or, even complete the mixed order pick & place on top of the ultra-compact storage grid.


Product Facts

  • 1800 mm radial reach

  • 2000 mm motions cycle 1,6 sec

  • Energy efficient

  • Flexible mounting

  • Active Motion Stabilization

  • Unlimited tool rotation

  • 2 kg nominal, 7,5 kg max payload

  • <125 kg robot weight

Take the chance to learn more about the robot and how it can support your automation needs.

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Step file

Integrate the CAD module in your cell

Mats Jonsson HKM

Mats Jonsson

Business Unit Manager
HKM Robots and Material Handling

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Martin Sebek

Business Development Manager
HKM Robots and Material Handling