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Hexapod Controller – a 6DOF flexible fixture

In close collaboration with Corebon, leaders in sustainable carbon fiber technologies, and ProdTex, experts in virtual production and manufacturing solutions, and inspired by Saab Aerospace, Cognibotics has developed a state-of-the-art robot control solution for a new flexible fixture product.

The product, referred to as the Hexapod, is a six-axis fully automated fixture made in lightweight strong carbon fiber. Thanks to the advanced control software provided by Cognibotics the Hexapods can either in a single device configuration or in combination with up to 15 units provide flexible fixture positions for almost any object. Each unit can optionally be equipped with a force/torque sensor which enables the software to control the strain and stress on the fixed objects as well as monitor the forces applied to the work object during processing.

As a single unit can carry up to 100 kg, in combinations it is highly suitable to handle anything from an aeroplane door to a large wing or propeller. The high level of control makes it perfect to handle delicate and sensitive materials that are fragile or has a construction that prevents it from carrying it’s own weight during production.

The flexibility of the hexapod means that it can adopt dynamically to changed conditions as well as replace several fixed fixtures that have commonly been used in the manufacturing industry. This helps companies save not only time and money but also costly floor space. With its lightweight carbon-fiber structure and distributed control system, the hexapod(s) can be mounted in different places without requiring massive structures to support the hexpod.