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Hybrid Kinematic Machine (HKM)

We have observed a gap in the availability of slim robot arms with long reach and high speed. With our Hybrid kinematic machine (HKM) we aim to fill this gap.

In the mechanical design of the Hybrid kinematic machine (HKM) the motors and gearboxes is placed in the base of the robot. This, combined with a robot arm composed of a combination of parallel and serial carbon-fiber-rod linkages, makes the moving parts extremely lightweight.

The HKM is fast and efficient as Delta robots and compact as SCARA. Furthermore, it gives completely new possibilities for high speed applications with longer reach without a strong impact on the drives.

The basic version is a 4DoF compact robot mountable both horizontaly and vertically which results in maximized space and workspace utilization; whereas the machine concept supports addable degrees of freedom (up to 6DoF) depending on applications needs.

Since HKM has the motor and gearboxes placed together in the base, it simplifies adaption for environments like ATEX, food etc. Additionally, the light weight arm makes it better suitable for force control, maunal guidance and collaborative setups.