Cognibotics signs agreement with Spectrum Technology and ADDICT3D to integrate the innovative Parallel-Kinematics (Sigma Tau) and Hybrid-Kinematics (HKM) robots, and to generally improve Motion Precision in robot automation.

LUND, December 07, 2022 – Spectrum Technology and ADDICT3D, both part of Spectrum Group, will together with Cognibotics work to integrate the innovative Parallel-Kinematics (SigmaTau) and Hybrid-Kinematics (HKM) Robots, and to generally improve Motion Precision in robot automation. Collaboration projects will support customers in fully utilizing the new and enhanced customer values that result from the combined technology portfolios.

Spectrum Technology, a robotic integrator, designing a variety of industrial solutions, seeks to integrate Motion Precision Tool Suite as the solution to acquire higher accuracy, better motion planning and repeatability, especially under certain load conditions.

As a part of the above, Spectrum will also assist customers in calibrating systems in accordance with Cognibotics and thus enhance the capabilities of existing and new systems.

Addict3d, based of Spectrum Technology with a focus on additive manufacturing, and Cognibotics will strengthen the position in FGF additive manufacturing by developing kinematic solutions for ADDICT3Ds range of extruders and couple this with milling capabilities exceeding levels possible today with systems of this size, flexibility cost level.

Cognibotics, is a privately held company that develops advanced robotic technology and state-of-the-art industrial robots for applications in material processing and material handling. The company also offers packaged solutions for increased precision and motion performance for 3rd party industrial robots and specialize in applications where superior precision, speed and range are in focus. The company was founded in 2013 in Lund, Sweden, has a close collaboration with Lund University, runs several EU-funded research projects and work closely with end-customer in the industrial automation industry.