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Robotics company Cognibotics raises SEK 60 million in new capital

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Robotics company Cognibotics raises SEK 60 million in new capital

The Swedish robotics company Cognibotics raises SEK 60 million in new capital with the Danish Newton ApS as the main investor – for delivery of customer-specific solutions and further market adaptation of the company’s revolutionary robot products.


LUND, Sweden - May 19, 2022 - Cognibotics is a private high-tech company that develops advanced industrial robots and innovative robotic solutions where requirements for speed, precision and range are very high. The new funding comes, in addition to Newton ApS, from the founders and former major shareholders Fairpoint, Tibia and Porte-Monnaie. The capital will be used to package and market the company’s products further and create customer-specific automation solutions in close collaboration with partners. The company will also invest in a broadened expertise as well as an expanded customer support organization.


”We see an increased demand in all four of our product areas for more application-specific solutions and a continued close customer collaboration. To meet these demands, we are now raising new capital both from previous and new owners. The fact that we can add Newton ApS to the list of owners together with several other heavy industry names such as Staffan Dahlström and Sven Nyman is a proof of strength. We now have owners that can support us strategically as well as practically and financially. The focus for Cognibotics is now on working with our partners to convert our robot products into reference installations and demonstration facilities for our customers.” says Fredrik Malmgren, CEO at Cognibotics


”Cognibotics is a leader in one of the fastest growing and most interesting areas of automation today. We are very pleased to be able to engage in and be part of the company’s continued growth journey. The products offered by Cognibotics cope with challenges that the industry hasn’t previously overcome. This opens up important opportunities for emerging local production methods. The company is highly qualified and strategically very well positioned to establish themselves as a market leader in modern automation technologies.” say Tais Clausen and Nikolaj Deichmann, Newton ApS


”The new funding will enable development of new and more complete automation solutions built on our robots. Solutions designed to meet new needs in the growing logistics and e-commerce industry and enable automation of complex manufacturing processes in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries where previous robots and machine solutions has been inadequate. Further developments will be made together with our trusted partners, which will enable our customers to apply new automation with major productivity and profitability improvements.” says Henrik Johansson, Chairman of Cognibotics.


”Cognibotics is now in a very favorable position with strong long-term investors, which means that we can fully launch the products that have been developed over several years based on previous research results and new inventions. The combined experience and know-how in robotics and automation that is represented by our 40 experts from both industry and academia, together with our patent portfolio, forms a basis for creating the easy-to-use and cost-effective robot systems that are urgently needed in the manufacturing and logistics industry, and later in other market segments. Robots should be assistive to the human worker, who without being a specialist must be able to instruct and handle the robot as their universal tool.” says Klas Nilsson, CTO and founder at Cognibotics


About Cognibotics

Cognibotics is a privately held company that develops advanced robotic technology and state-of-the-art industrial robots for applications in material processing and material handling. The company also offers packaged solutions for increased precision and motion performance for 3rd party industrial robots and specialize in applications where superior precision, speed and range are in focus. The company was founded in 2013 in Lund, Sweden, has a close collaboration with Lund University, runs several EU-funded research projects and work closely with end-customer in the industrial automation industry.


About Newton ApS

Newton ApS is a Danish financial holding company


About Fairpoint Capital AB

FairPoint Capital is a Swedish B2B technology investment fund. Our investment focus is unique technologies and business models that are highly scalable. The company looks for companies in early growth stages with products that address global markets with strong growth drivers. Investments are focused on the Nordic region.


About Tibia Konsult AB

Tibia Konsult AB (Tibia) is a Malmö-based private investment company, founded by Sten K Johnson. Today, 50% of the company is owned by the family and the remaining 50% by the Sten K Johnson foundation. Tibia is a long-term investor with a regional focus and a broad holding in both traditional and technology-leading companies. In the software industry, Tibia’s investment focus is primarily cash flow-positive growth companies. In addition to capital, Tibia provides, directly and through networks, expertise that creates security on the entrepreneurs’ continued growth journey


About Porte-Monnaie AB

Porte-Monnaie is an early and mid-stage venture capital firm investing in ideas and entrepreneurs at the forefront of science and technology. Porte-Monnaie backs pioneering solutions in automation, green-tech and life sciences that tackle previously unsolvable problems to build new transformational businesses while making the world a markedly better place.


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