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Robot System Products partner with Cognibotics to offer innovative products for Absolute Accuracy Calibration of Robots

Västerås, Sweden – February 1, 2024 – In a pioneering collaboration, Robot System Products (RSP) and Cognibotics announce the launch of their partnership to offer absolute accuracy calibration for robots of all major robot brands. This joint endeavor combines RSP's expertise in high-performance industrial robot accessories with Cognibotics' cutting-edge calibration solutions, promising a paradigm shift in accuracy and performance for industrial robots and collaborative robots (cobots). 

Unmatched Benefits of the Collaboration: 

The collaboration between RSP and Cognibotics represents a convergence of innovation and experience. RSP's extensive history in industrial robot accessories, combined with Cognibotics' innovative approach to robotic calibration, results in a complete product line that redefines accuracy and performance standards for industrial robots and cobots. 

For customers, this will mean extended access to tools and services to bring accuracy to robot cells, also including positioners and linear tracks. All tools are applicable also on existing robot installations, enabling in-cell recovery and quick adaptation to updated conditions. RSP’s industry experience adds a layer of knowledge to the table, ensuring world-class calibration solutions combined with valuable insights and guidance to enhance their overall robot operations.  

"At Robot System Products, we are excited to introduce this complete assortment for absolute accuracy calibration of robots. This collaboration with Cognibotics reflects our commitment to delivering solutions that redefine precision in the world of industrial automation." - Eddie Eriksson, CEO, Robot System Products 

Key Features Across Both Platforms: 

The complete assortment offers unparalleled accuracy calibration, covering the entire range from arm calibration to compensating for different payloads, forces, and bending. The system seamlessly integrates into various applications, from simple offline add-on post-processing to full integration with customers' control systems. 

"RSP's high-quality products and customers are a perfect fit for Cognibotics. With shared products, we further strengthen the customer value, both with current as well as future customers." - Fredrik Malmgren, CEO, Cognibotics 


The complete assortment for absolute accuracy calibration of robots is now available from Robot System Products. 

About Robot System Products (RSP): 

Robot System Products, headquartered in Västerås, Sweden, is a global leader in the industrial automation sector. For decades, RSP has provided high-performance accessories such as tool changers, swivels, hose packages, and complete dress packages, empowering businesses to enhance the capabilities of industrial robots. RSP's innovative offerings have been instrumental in improving uptime, flexibility, and overall efficiency for its customers around the world. 

About Cognibotics: 

Cognibotics, is a deep-tech robotics company pushing the boundaries of robot capabilities to transform industry automation. This includes class-leading patented calibration and motion control technology that compensates for mechanical deviations and deflections due to load. Cognibotics also enables businesses to unlock new possibilities in robotics with a new class of system tools and lightweight robots with unique strength, speed, reach, and accuracy. 


For more information, please contact: 

Markus Grau 

Director Product Management and Business Development at RSP 


Bartek Brejski 

Business Unit Manager – Motion Precision at Cognibotics