Cognibotics Cobot Calibration System for Universal Robots has earned UR+ certification!

UR Cobots are factory-calibrated, ensuring quick and predictable deployment of offline-generated programs and seamless integration with sensor solutions. However, there are instances where recalibration becomes essential, especially after joint service activities such as disassembly, assembly, or part exchanges like joints, tubes, or output flanges.

During the testing phase, we had the opportunity to validate our patented calibration method, demonstrating its capability on an extra set of robot individuals. Now UR+ certified, our system is ready to empower your operations.

We're thrilled to share this milestone and invite you to explore more about our cutting-edge calibration system. If you're curious about how you can calibrate your UR cobots, reach out – we'd love to share our insights!

Cognibotics Cobot Calibration System - a robust and automated solution designed to make recalibration a breeze.

Our system ensures a swift restoration of your cobots to factory performance, saving you time and effort by making sure your robot programs will work just as before the repair.

Cobot package UR+

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